Cliff Pond – Cape Cod

This has been a busy October. Setting up a printmaking studio, printing some new work, trying to fish as much as humanly possible. Good stuff. Recently a friend and myself set out to catch some elusive landlocked salmon in Cape Cod. The destination: Cliff Pond, a small body of water located in Nickerson State Park. We set out late on a Friday, had some fried sea food and began drinking to the stars. Waking the next morning… groggy, we noticed rising trout about five feet from our camp site. Awesome. Recharging with a cup of coffee which always tastes better by the edge of the water, we geared up. Other fisherman began to arrive with small boats. Most of them had little luck, some trout but no salmon. As the day unfolded I realized  this was a  pretty popular location for the locals. Using a streamer my great grandfather tied (no lie) I managed to miss an enormous brown trout. Shit. After breaking for lunch (which consisted of grilling on the beach) we began fishing from shore to avoid the mind numbing wind. Finally I managed to catch a nice rainbow. No salmon though, maybe next time. The search continues.


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