Trailer Trash

I am not a trout bumb. I am a fly fishing bumb. This particular outing was aimed at catching carp on the fly. Not just any carp, large carp. I hear these fish put up an amazing fight and 20 lbs of fury was just what I needed. I packed my gear and headed to a large pond in southern virginia loaded with carp, coy and catfish. I still have no Idea how the coy got there, but who cares.  This pond was in the middle of nowhere and had an abandoned fishing shack alongside it. This looked promising. I tied on a parachute dry and began the day. Carp began to surface sucking down insects left and right, they sounded like a drain swallowing too much water. The first carp took me well over 20 minutes to bring in and was pushing the 18 lb mark. Awesome. Then another. The coy didn’t disappoint either.

Some purist fly fisherman would deem these fish as mud sucking trailer trash but not me. These fish were beautiful. It was a blast catching these monsters  and I cant wait until I do it again. Long live catch and release.


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